讲道录音 2018


把信心建起來 Grow in your faith 14 Oct 2018 Rev Dixon Goh

忠心使用神托付的財富 Faithful Use of Wealth – Be Accountable to God 07 Oct 2018 Rev Karvin

主的禱告 The Prayer of our Lord 21 Oct 2018 Rev Dixon Goh


迫切的信心 Deperate Faith 30 Sep 2018 Ps Dixon Goh

背叛 Betrayal 23 Sep 2018 Dr Lim

美善的生命 The Good Life 16 Sep 2018 Ps Daniel Ngien

日期滿了神的囯進了The time has come, the kingdom of God has come near 09 Sep 2018 Rev. Dixon Goh

仰望耶稣 Looking Upon Jesus 02 Sep 2018 Ps Dixon Goh


歸根究柢 Back to the Truth 26 Aug 2018 Brother Phillip Yu

蛻變 Transformation 19 Aug 2018 Brother Michael Bao

信徒的生活 The Christian Living 12 Aug 2018 Ps Daniel Ngien


那叛逆的欺哄者 The Rebellious Talkers and Deceivers 29 July 2018 Rev. Dixon Goh

Leadership by example 22 July 2018 Ps. Daniel Ngien

傳揚福音 Preach the Word 15 July 2018 Rev. Dixon Goh

人生的盡頭 The End of the Road 8 July 2018 Rev.Dixon Goh

盡忠職守 Finishing Well 1 July 2018 Rev. Dixon Goh


給所有人的好消息 Good News For All 24 June 2018 Rev. Dixon Goh

往大馬士革的路上 On the road to Damascus 17 June 2018 Rev. Dixon Goh

等候圣灵 Awaiting the Spirit 10 June 2018 Rev. Dixon Goh

圣经唯是 Scriptures Only 3 June 2018 Ps. Daniel Ngien


活出基督 Live Out Christ 27 May 2018 Ps. Daniel Ngien 

逃避与追求 Flee and Pursue 13 May 2018 Rev Dixon Goh

成为一个非常有用的器皿 Becoming a really useful vessel 7 May 2018 Rev Dixon Goh


忠实于神 Faithful to God 29 Apr 2018 Ps. Daniel Ngien 

在基督的恩典上刚强起来 Be strong in the Grace of Christ 22 Apr 2018 Rev Dixon Goh 

守着善道 Guarding The Good Deposit 15 Apr 2018 Rev Dixon Goh

不以福音为耻 Not Ashamed of the Gospel 8 Apr 2018 Rev Dixon Goh 

基督复活了 他确实复活了 He is risen indeed 1 Apr 2018 Rev Dixon Goh


棕枝主日后你会跟随耶稣到十架麽 Do you follow Jesus to the cross after Palm Sunday 25 March 2018 Ps Daniel Ngien

把火挑旺起来 Fan The Flame 18 Mar 2018 Rev Dixon Goh

把希望放在神那里 Putting your hope in God 11 March 2018 Rev Dixon Goh

为真道打那美好的仗 Fight the Good Fight of Faith 4 Mar 2018 Rev Dixon Goh


丰盛的生命 Rich and Satisfying Life 25 Feb 2018 Rev Dixon Goh

敬虔加上知足的心 Godliness with Contentment 18 Feb 2018 Rev Dixon Goh

在职场上荣耀神 Honouring God In The Workplace 11 Feb 2018 Rev Dixon Goh

教会领导 Church Leadership 04 Feb 2018 Ps Daniel Ngieng


彼此相爱 Loving One Another 28 Jan 2018 Sis Esthel

建立而非拆毁 Building Up But Not Tearing Down 21 Jan 2018 Dn Philip Yu

提摩太的属灵恩赐 Timothy’s Spiritual Gift 14 Jan 2018 Rev Dixon Goh

思念上面的事 Set your mind on things above 7 Jan 2018 Rev Dixon Goh

讲道录音 2017


又一年的恩典 Yet Another Year of Grace 31 Dec 2017 Rev Dixon Goh

上帝最伟大的礼物 God’s Greatest Gift 24 Dec 2017 Rev Dixon Goh

一个婴孩的出生 A Child is born 17 Dec 2017 Rev Park Yong Su

作信徒的榜样 Setting an example 10 Dec 2017 Rev Dixon Goh

属灵或属零 Getting Spiritually Fit 3 Dec 2017 Rev Dixon Goh


在基督里站稳 Standing Firm in Christ 26 Nov 2017 Rev Dixon Goh

同舟共济 We are all in this together 19 Nov 2017 Rev Dixon Goh

服事教会的呼召 The Call to Serve the Church 5 Nov 2017 Rev Dixon Goh


领导教会的呼召 The Call to Lead the Church 29 Oct 2017 Rev Dixon Goh

男人女人及教会的服事 Man, Woman & Ministry in Church 22 Oct 2017 Rev Kheng Hai Lim

万人得救 为人代祷 Salvation for all Pray for others 15 Oct 2017 Ps Daniel Ngieng

大鱼吃小鱼 Big Fish Eat Little Fish – A New Perspective 8 Oct 2017 Dr Timothy Lim

罪大恶极 The Worst of Sinners 01 Oct 2017 Rev Dixon Goh


律法的教义The Doctrine of The Law 24 Sep 2017 Sis Esthel

维护真理 The Battle for Truth 17 Sep 17 Rev Dixon Goh

谁来接棒 Passing the Baton 10 Sep 2017 Rev Dixon Goh 

苦难的意义 The meaning of suffering 3 Sep 2017 Janeeyre Liaw


打敗你的巨人 27 Aug 2017 Rev Dixon Goh

让高墙倒下来 Let the wall fall down 20 Aug 2017 Dr Joe Huang

全然委身 Total Commitment to God 13 Aug 2017 Rev Kheng Hai Lim

别把你的长子的名分给卖了 Do not sell your birthright 06 Aug 2017 Rev Dixon Goh


即或不然 But If Not 30 Jul 2017 Rev Dixon Goh

神和政治 God & Politics 23 Jul 2017 Ps Daniel Ngieng

分心或全心 Distracted or Devoted 16 Jul 2017 Rev Dixon Goh Video

与神亲近 Quite Time with God 9 Jul 2017 Rev Dixon Goh

一棵栽在溪水旁的树 A Tree Planted By Streams Of Water 02 Jul 2017 Rev Dixon Goh Video


你的宝贝在哪里 Where Is Your Treasure 25 Jun 2017 Rev Dixon Goh

人也是宝贝 People Are Treasure 18 Jun 2017 Rev Dixon Goh

福音就是宝贝 The Gospel Is Treasure 11 Jun 2017 Rev Dixon Goh

招聘启示 Recruitment Notice 04 Jun 2017 Rev Dixon Goh Video


绝望中的力量 Dare to be Desperate 21 May 2017 Rev Dixon Goh

罪人的医生 The Doctor to The Sinners 07 May 2017 Rev Dixon Goh


身心灵的医治 Total Healing – Body Mind and Soul 30 April 2017 Rev Kheng Hai Lim

鬼猪之间 Of Demons and Pigs 23 April 2017 Rev Dixon Goh Video

与复活主相遇 Meet with the Risen Lord 16 Apr 2017 Dr Joe Huang Video

谁在你的船上?Who is in your boat 09 Apr 2017 Rev Dixon Goh

各就位,预备,跑 On you mark, Get set, Go 2 Apr 2017 Rev Dixon Goh


钱财事宜 Money Matters 26 Mar 2017 Ps Daniel Ngieng

令耶稣惊喜的信心 Faith that surprises Jesus 12 Mar 2017 Rev Dixon Goh

他愿意 He is Willing 05 Mar 2017 Rev Dixon Goh

负伤的医治者 The wounded healer 19 Mar 2017 Rev Dixon Goh


何等顾念你 He cares for you 26 Feb 2017 Philip Yu

大筵席 The Great Banquet 19 Feb 2017 Rev Dixon Goh

患难中的盼望 Suffering in Hope 12 Feb2017 Ps Daniel Ngieng

太初 In the beginning 5 Feb 2017 Rev Dixon Goh


恩上加恩,力上加力 Grace upon Grace, and Strength to Strength 29 Jan 2017 Rev Dixon Goh

明智的选择 The Wise Choice 22 Jan 2017 Rev Dixon Goh

提防假冒 Beware of Counterfeits 15 Jan 2017 Rev Dixon Goh

两条门路, 一个选择 Two Paths, One Way To Life 8 Jan 2017 Rev Dixon Goh

至于我和我家,我们必定侍奉 As for me and my household, we will serve 1 Jan 2017 Rev Dixon Goh

讲道录音 2016


交换礼物 Gift Exchange 25Dec2016 Ps Dixon

他们知道这是圣诞节吗?Do they know it’s Christmas 18Dec2016 Ps Dixon

得赎的盼望 Hope of Redemption 11 Dec 2016 Dr. Joe Huang

金科玉则 The Golden Rule 04Dec2016 Ps Dixon


有求必应 Ask and It Shall Be Granted 27Nov2016 Michael Bao

受浸及我们 Baptism and Us 13Nov2016 Ps Dixon

论断人 Judging Others 06Nov Ps Don Dickson


不要担心,只要愉快 Don’t worry, Be Joyful! 30Oct2016 Ps Dixon

肯定的教导,选择的回应 Affirmative Teaching & Choice of Responses 23Oct2016 Philip

禁食:属灵的操练 Fasting-It’s A Spiritual Discipline 16Oct2016 Ps Don

你祷告了吗?What Have You Prayed 09Oct2016 Ps Dixon

 阿门 Amen 02Oct2016 Ps Dixon


特工教会 Christian Intelligence Agency (C.I.A) 25Sep2016 Ps Dixon

爱让人得以完全 Love the call to Perfection 18SEP2016 Ps Don Dickson

A Renewed Life 11Sep2016 Ps Jon Ng

 A Tooth For A Tooth 4Sep2016 Ps Dixon


Keep Your Word 28Aug2016 Ps Dixon


偷眼 Wandering Eyes 14Aug2016 Ps Dixon

思想犯罪 Thought Crime 07Aug2016 Ps Dixon


耶稣-这个世界的需要 Jesus – What the world needs 31Jul2016 Michael


The Beatitudes 17Jul2016 Ps Dixon

The Beatitudes(8)-Belssed are those who are prosecuted 10Jul2016 Ps Don

天国八福(七):使人和睦的人有福了 The beatitudes(7)-Blessed are peacemakes 03July2016 Ps Dixon


Mihi To Thank 26Jun2016 Ps Dixon


Prayer and God’s kingdom 12Jun2016 Richael Murray

The Beatitudes(6)-The Pure in Heart 05June2016 Ps Dixon  Only recorded 1/3 of the whole sermon, sorry!


The Beatitudes (1) – Blessed are the poor in spirit 01May2016 Ps Dixon

The Beatitudes(2)-Blessed are those who mourn 08May2016 Ps Dixon

The Beatitudes(3)-Blessed are the Meek 15May2016 Philip

The Beatitudes(4) Blessed Are Those Who Hunger And Thirst For Righteousness 22May2016 Michael

The Beautitudes(5)-Blessed are the merciful 29May2016 Ps Dixon


手下留情 Be Merciful 24Apr2016 Ps Dixon

一主,一灵,一异像 One Lord, One Spirit, One Vision 17Apr2016 Susan

主是我的牧者 The Lord is my Sheepherd 10Apr2016 Ps Don

喂养我的羊 Feed My Sheep 3Apr2016 Ps Dixon


耶稣的空坟墓 The Empty Tomb of Jesus 27Mar2016 Ps Dixon

不是预期 Unexpected 20Mar2016 Philip

感恩:学懂委身 Thanksgiving learning to Commit 13Mar2016 Ps Peter Ho

背起十架 Take Up Your Cross 05Mar2016 Ps Dixon


Prodigal son 2 28Feb2016 Ps Dixon

Prodigal son 1 21Feb2016 Ps Dixon

What is Faith 14Feb2016 Ps Don

Grace Upon Grace 07Feb2016 Ps Dixon


唯一 One Way 31Jan2016 Ps Dixon

Seize The Day 24Jan2016 Philip

What Is Christian Marriage 17Jan2016 Ps. Don

Holy Holy Holy 10Jan2016 Ps Dixon

A Message For The New Year -Be Wise 03 January2016 Ps Dixon


讲道录音 2015


attitude of gratitude 27dec2015 pastor dixon

Silence night 24Dec2015 Ps Dixon

Waiting 20Dec2015 Ps Dixon

The Meaning of Christmas 13Dec Ps Don Dickson

Shalom 06Dec Ps Dixon


Ten % 29Nov Ps Dixon

Count The Cost 22Nov Ps Dixon

Receive Mercy and Extend Grace 15Nov2015 Ps Karvin

Baptized into Christ 08Nov2015 Ps Dixon

Testimonies 08Nov

The Last Supper 1Nov Rev Dixon Goh


The Light of The World 25Oct2015 Rev Dixon Goh

There Is A Way Out 18Oct2015 Michael Bao

The Minority Report 11Oct2015 Rev Dixon Goh


Time 27Sep2015 Rev Dixon Goh

The Healer 20Sep2015 Rev Dixon Goh

A Living Church 13SEP2015 Rev Dixon Goh

Our Mission 06SEP2015 Rev Dixon Goh


What does the Lord require of you 21AUG2015 Rev Dixon Goh

Battlefield or Playground 16AUG2015 Rev Dixon Goh

One 09AUG2015 Rev Dixon Goh

Peter’s Final Arrangement 02AUG2015 Philip Yu
JUL (n.a.)


At The Water’s Edge 21JUNE2015 Rev Dixon Goh.MP3

Galatians 6, Our Only Boast 15JUNE2015 Rev Dixon Goh.MP3


Galatinas 5c, The Law of Christ 31MAY2015 Rev Dixon Goh

Galatians 5b, The Holy Spirit’s Challenge 24MAY2015 Rev Don Dickson

Galatians 5a, Right From Wrong 17MAY2015 Rev Dixon Goh

Galatians 4b, Sarah and Hagar 10MAY2015 Rev Dixon Goh

Galatians 4a, Sons or Salves 03MAY2015 Rev Dixon Goh


Galatians 3b, The Law and The Promise 26APRIL2015 Rev Dixon Goh.MP3

Galatians 3a, Freedom in Christ 19APRIL2015 Rev Don Dickson.MP3

Galatians 2b, Justification by Faith Alone 12APRIL2015 Rev DIxon Goh.MP3

Easter Sunday, If Christ Had Not Been Raised 05APRIL2015 Rev Dixon Goh.MP3


Palm SUnday, Why The Croass 29MARCH2015 Rev Don Dickson.MP3

Galatians 2a, Gospel Truth 22MARCH2015 Rev Dixon Goh.MP3

Galatians 1b, The Power of Gospel 15MARCH2015 Michael Bao.MP3

Galatians 1a, Only One Gospel 08MARCH2015 Rev Dixon Goh.MP3

Temple of God 01MARCH2015 Rev Dixon Goh.MP3


Christianity 08FEB2015 Rev Dixon Goh.MP3


In Queitness and Trust 25JAN2015 Rev Dixon Goh.MP3

Will God Heal Me 18JAN2015 Rev Dixon Goh.MP3

Who is Jesus Christ 11JAN2015 Rev Don Dickson.MP3